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Each one of us wants to have a happy and meaningful life. As each one of us continues to live our lives to pursue this dream, along with it is the hope to know the true purpose of our existence. Abundant Life foundation was setup to help people achieve their purpose in life.

We take this to heart and therefore we found purpose for our lives. We would like to help people improve their life by imparting information that may be important to them. We value each person that we encounter each day and we are committed to provide whatever assistance we can for their dream to become a reality.  This is the basic philosophy in which our roots are founded on.  This philosophy gave birth to Abundant Life Foundation, a non-profit organization formed to offer various services that will help a person in whatever they may need to make their lives more meaningful.

Because of this sublime purpose, Abundant Life Foundation aims to reach out to the farthest parts of the world to assist whoever seeks assistance through articles that give tips and advices. Even though Abundant Life Foundation originated in Australia, geographic location is not a hindrance since we are confident in reaching you, wherever you are through the Internet.

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Unforgettable moments are very meaningful to our lives, as well as to our loved ones with whom we’ve shared them with. From a baby’s first birthday, up to her wedding day, a souvenir of these special events will never be out of place. Personal videoshave been a collection of every household as well as being treasured to pass on to further generations. You have probably watched your mum or your dad on a video when they were a kid just like you. The events vary from baby’s first steps, to learning how to ride a bike, and unforgettable moments that happen on any ordinary day.

What makes videos more useful is when capturing anticipated events, like birthdays, anniversaries, prom, wedding, and a lot more is that you have the power to catch every single minute as it passes by on camera.

What makes personal videos more interesting is that it captures the real essence of that special event, like the sweetness and the love of a couple for each other on their wedding anniversary, the joy and laughter of friends and families during a birthday bash, an energetic youth in a fun environment on a prom night, mixed emotions after graduation, and also, the joy of welcoming a newborn into the family.

Videos can readily be shared on YouTube there is high demand nowadays, but the greatest of all is when you share it with family and friends, watching it together and have a good laugh about it, or cry so hard and reminisce each moment as if it just happened. Personal videos made for special events may not be done professionally, but the message is still there. So when you are going to attend an occasion, don’t forget to bring your handy cam with you, for you might just record one of the best days of your life.

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